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Books: iProperty - Reframing IP

Profiting from Ideas in an Age of Global Innovation
by William Barrett, Christopher Price, and Thomas Hunt

While economic value is increasingly based on intangible property and ideas, business thinking struggles to catch up to this reality. The authors of iProperty seek to reframe the conventional idea of IP, or intellectual property, to a more comprehensive concept they call iProperty. They steer us from the notion of IP as copyrights and patents left to the care of specialized attorneys, leading us toward the concept of iProperty as a strategic process of collecting, assessing, managing, protecting, and exploiting of ideas that should be fully integrated into the management of any business enterprise that depends on innovation.

The book is comprehensive and serves as an excellent handbook for organizations to develop their iProperty portfolio, and presents as expertly intelligent and readable without being too academic. It is structured in three parts, the first covering the importance of understanding how iProperty works in the current global economy, the second framing overall strategy considerations, and the third outlining more specific tactics and tools for implementing a forward thinking iProperty strategy. Especially for technical, life sciences, or other companies that rely on innovation as their source of value, this book is an essential resource.

iProperty Quote: "The worst mistake that companies can make in the rapidly evolving iProperty arena is to fight the competition battles of tomorrow using the strategies of yesterday."

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